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Poland became a Party to the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on December 14, 2006.

Smoke Free Places

Smoking is prohibited in many indoor public places and indoor workplaces, including, primary and secondary educational facilities, cultural and recreational facilities, sports facilities, and many healthcare facilities. Designated smoking rooms are permitted in other indoor public places and indoor workplaces, including dining and entertainment establishments, hotels, facilities serving travelers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes, and higher education institutions. Smoking is prohibited on all forms of public transport. Sub-national jurisdictions may adopt legislation prohibiting smoking in places not addressed in the national law.

Tobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship

The law provides a nearly comprehensive ban on tobacco advertising and promotion. At point of sale, products may be displayed but not within reach of the consumer. There are some restrictions on tobacco sponsorship; however, any publicity of sponsorship is prohibited.

Tobacco Packaging and Labeling

Warning labels on smoked tobacco products are text-only and cover 30 percent of the front and 40 percent of the back of the package. The front and back warnings must be rotated to ensure “alternating and regular appearance” of each. The law does not specify how frequently the warnings are to be updated. The current warnings have not been updated since 2004. For smokeless tobacco products, one text-only warning must occupy 30 percent of the largest, most visible surface of the unit packaging. Misleading packaging and labeling, which could include terms such as “light” and “low tar” and other signs, is prohibited.

Roadmap to Tobacco Control Legislation

The Act of November 9, 1995 on Protection of Public Health Against the Effects of Tobacco Use is the primary law on tobacco control and covers many aspects of tobacco control, including, but not limited to: restrictions on smoking in public places; sales to minors; production and sale of smokeless tobacco products; tobacco packaging and labeling; tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship; and sanctions for violations of provisions of this Act.  The Act was amended several times, and was most recently amended and consolidated in February 2015. Decrees have been issued by the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Justice, and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration to regulate smoking specifically in facilities under these ministries.

The Decree of the Ministry of Health of 24 February 2004 was issued pursuant to the Act on Protection of Public Health and sets forth the specific size, content, placement, and rotation of health warnings required on tobacco product packaging.

Review Status

This country’s legal measures were reviewed by our legal staff in consultation with in-country lawyers or tobacco control experts.

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