Last updated: August 1, 2022

Smoke Free Status of Outdoor Places

Does the law require any outdoor or quasi-outdoor spaces to be smoke free or restrict smoking in any way? Examples of such places include within a specified distance of doorways, outdoor patios of bars or restaurants, parks/beaches, outdoor stadiums, and outdoor markets.

Outdoor spaces at primary and secondary schools


Smoking is prohibited in outdoor spaces at primary and secondary schools. Further, Art. 57 of the regulations provide that students, teachers, administrative personnel, parents, and members of parent associations at schools and educational institutions up to upper middle level, whether public or private, may participate individually or collectively in the oversight so that the ban on using or having any tobacco product lit inside is followed, regardless of whether the spaces are enclosed or outdoors, and with the ability to notify the corresponding authority about the person or persons not obeying the regulation.

Required walkway areas, building entrances or exits


Article 60 of the regulations provides that outdoor smoking areas must be physically separated and unconnected from the 100% smoke free spaces, not be located in an area where people need to walk through or be at building entrances or exits. No minors may be in these spaces, and pregnant women must be warned of the risks they run and about the product upon entering this area.