Zhu Xiaofei v. Beijing Administration for Industry & Commerce

Advertising laws in China prohibit advertisements for tobacco in radio, cinema pictures, television, newspaper, magazine or periodicals.  Zhu Xiaofei filed an application with the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce and its superior, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, demanding that the agency enforce the prohibition against China Central Television (CCTV) for broadcasting an advertisement that Xiaofei believed was linked to a tobacco company.  Xiaofei argued that the advertisement used the name and slogan of a tobacco company, intending to promote the image of that company.  Both applications were denied on the basis that the advertisement did not contain any element of tobacco.  Xiaofei then filed suit.  The suit was dismissed based on lack of standing.


Zhu Xiaofei v. Beijing Administration for Industry & Commerce, Haidian District People’s Court (2010)

  • China
  • Nov 5, 2010
  • Haidian District People’s Court


Plaintiff Zhu Xiaofei

Defendant Beijing Administration for Industry & Commerce

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