Zangrando v. Kuder

The resident of a condominium complex shared a porch with a neighbor. The neighbor smoked cigarettes on the porch, which the resident claimed entered his unit through a nearby window. After complaining unsuccessfully to his neighbor, to the condominium board, and to the local government, the resident filed a lawsuit against his neighbor. Following a six-day trial, the jury ruled against the resident on all of his claims including nuisance, breach of the condominium rules, and assault and battery. Additionally, the court found that the resident’s claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress failed due to insufficient evidence. The court of appeals agreed with the lower court and affirmed the decision against the resident.


Zangrando v. Kuder, 2006 Ohio 1549 (2006).

  • United States
  • Mar 31, 2006
  • Court of Appeals of Ohio, Ninth District, Summit County


Plaintiff Robert Zangrando

Defendant Nicole Kuder

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