Wu Pei-min v. Northwestern Airlines

Plaintiffs sued Northwestern Airlines for diseases allegedly caused by exposure to second-hand smoking during a fifteen-hour flight. The Supreme Court held that the causation could not be proven and that the claim for punitive damages based on consumer protection law was not supported.


Wu Pei-min v. Northwestern Airlines, Supreme Court No. 1495, Supreme Court of Taiwan (1991). (Original Citation in Chinese: 91年台上字第1495號)

  • Taiwan (China)
  • Jul 31, 1991
  • Supreme Court of Taiwan (“中华民国最高法院”)



  • Wu Pei-Min
  • Wu Pei-Min's Three Children
  • Wu Pei-Min's Wife

Defendant Northwestern Airlines

Legislation Cited

Tobacco Control Act, Articles 13 and 25

Consumer Protection Act

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