The Environmental Action Network Ltd. (TEAN) v. British American Tobacco Ltd.

The Environmental Action Network Ltd (TEAN) sued British American Tobacco Limited (BAT), claiming that BAT failed to warn consumers of the danger of its tobacco products, violating consumers' right to life. TEAN requested that the Court order BAT to provide sufficient information on health risks to consumers in advertisements and on packets. The Court held that the claim of failure to warn was too remote to establish a causation between tobacco products and harm to consumers' lives. Due to lack of expertise, the Court could not fully and sufficiently decide which kind of information should be included in labels and publications.


British American Tobacco Limited v. The Environmental Action Network Ltd., Civil Appl. no. 27/2003, High Court of Uganda at Kampala (2003).

  • Uganda
  • Apr 16, 2003
  • High Court of Uganda at Kampala


Plaintiff The Environmental Action Network Ltd. (TEAN)

Defendant British American Tobacco Limited

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Constitution of Uganda

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