State of Connecticut v. Philip Morris, Inc

The tobacco companies challenged the calculation of their payments due under the 1998 Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) to the State of Connecticut.  The companies sought to decrease their payments based on an adjustment contained in the MSA, while Connecticut argued there was an exception to the adjustment which applied to the state, requiring full payment.  In this matter, Connecticut sought to enforce the exception through state courts and the companies, relying on the MSA, argued that arbitration was the proper forum for settlement of their calculation dispute.  Agreeing with the trial court, which granted the pretrial motion to compel arbitration, the appellate court found the plain language of the MSA dictated arbitration of the payment calculation dispute.


State of Connecticut v. Philip Morris, 959 A.2d 997 (Conn. 2008)

  • United States
  • Dec 9, 2008
  • Supreme Court of Connecticut


Plaintiff State of Connecticut

Defendant Phillip Morris, Inc.

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