Sinditabaco v. ANVISA

A Brazilian tobacco lobbying group, Sinditabaco, brought an action to stop the National Health Surveillance Agency, ANVISA, from implementing a rule to ban the use of additives and flavorings in cigarettes.  The group argued that ANVISA did not have the legal authority to make the rule and that the rule was not supported by any scientific evidence as to the health effects of the flavorings.  The group claimed the rule would affect over 95% of tobacco users and presented a petition signed by various stakeholders in the tobacco product supply chain claiming that it would cause billions of dollars of losses.  The legal representatives of ANVISA were not present at the hearing on the issue.  The court agreed to grant the preliminary injunction stopping the implementation of the rule, pending a hearing on the merits of the case.


Process No.46897-86.2012.4.01.3400 Decision No. 323-B/2012

  • Brazil
  • Dec 17, 2012
  • 9th Section of Federal Court of the Federal District


Plaintiff Sinditabaco

Defendant ANVISA

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