Shoeab Aslam v. Health and Family Welfare

Shoeab Aslam, owner of a hotel business called Cafe and Sheesha Lounge, challenged a November 2015 order issued by the District Magistrate in Indore directing compliance with India's omnibus tobacco control law (COTPA) and its rules on smoking in public places. Mr. Aslam maintained that there cannot be a complete ban on smoking in hotels. The government however noted that the order did not completely ban smoking, but instead permitted the activity in smoking zones. The court took into account earlier judgments from the Supreme Court and the Madhya Pradesh High Court on hookah bars and upheld the order, finding it in consonance with COTPA and its rules.


Shoeab Aslam v. Health and Family Welfare, W.P. 8704/2015, Madhya Pradesh High Court (2016).

  • India
  • Jan 7, 2016
  • Madhya Pradesh High Court


Plaintiff Shoeab Aslam

Defendant Health and Family Welfare

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