Scott v. American Tobacco Company

This is a judgment from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal of Louisiana, in which the court upheld tobacco companies' liability for defrauding a class of smokers by misleading them as to the addictive and damaging properties of tobacco products and ordered the defendants to fund a 10-year, 241 million dollar smoking cessation program for the benefit of class members.  In this appeal, the tobacco companies challenged the procedure of the trial court and the size of the compensation fund.  While upholding the companies’ liability, the appellate court slightly lowered the funding requirement by 10 million dollars and changed the timing of interest accruing on the judgment.  This case was subsequently granted a stay of judgment, further delaying the execution and creation of the smoking cessation program, pending an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which was denied on June 27, 2011. 


Scott v. American Tobacco Co. et. al., 36 So.3d 1046 (La. App., 2010)

  • United States
  • Apr 23, 2010
  • Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Fourth Circuit



  • Deania M. Jackson
  • Gloria Scott


  • American Tobacco Company, Inc.
  • BATUS, Inc.
  • Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation
  • Philip Morris, Inc.
  • RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, Inc.

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