Safa Enterprises Inc. v. Imperial Tobacco Company Limited

The owner of a convenience store brought an action against Imperial Tobacco Company for violation of Canada’s pricing laws. The convenience store was not allowed to participate in Imperial’s preferred pricing program. However, a competing convenience store was part of the program, which allowed the competing store to sell cigarettes at a lower price. The Competition Tribunal dismissed the case, finding that the convenience store bringing the action was unable to prove that Imperial’s alleged discrimination (by not allowing the store to participate in the pricing program) was because of the store’s low prices.


Safa Enterprises Inc. v. Imperial Tobacco Company Limited, 2013 Comp. Trib. 19, File No.: CT-2013-007 (2013).

  • Canada
  • Dec 9, 2013
  • Competition Tribunal


Plaintiff Safa Enterprises Inc.

Defendant Imperial Toacco Company Limited

Legislation Cited

The Competition Act

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