RPMU, Jean Pierre X. v. National Committee for Tobacco Control

The National Committee for Tobacco Control (CNCT) sued Jean-Pierre X., the President and CEO of RPMU, a street furniture company.  CNCT claimed that Mr. X. had violated a ban on tobacco advertising by placing ads for Camel Trophy-branded watches in bus stations.  The trial and appeals courts found Mr. X. liable.  The Court of Cassation affirmed the decisions below, noting that the advertising at issue impermissibly promoted the Camel watches. 

(Interpreting brand stretching – a form of tobacco advertising and promotion, this is a principle decision in French tobacco control law jurisprudence.  The decision establishes that such advertising is prohibited wherever there is a link between tobacco and non-tobacco products – even if such a link is indirect or occasional / temporary.  It further establishes that the advertising prohibition extends to both domestic and imported products.)


RPMU, Jean-Pierre X. v. National Committee for Tobacco Control, No. 96-83152, Court of Cassation (1997).

  • France
  • Apr 10, 1997
  • Court of Cassation



  • Jean-Pierre X.
  • RPMU (Régie Publicitaire de Mobilier Urbain)

Defendant National Committee for Tobacco Control

Legislation Cited

Article L. 355-26, paragraph 2, Code of Public Health

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