Ravishankar v. Union of India

A tobacco control advocate filed a lawsuit against various government agencies seeking full enforcement of India's omnibus tobacco control law and the rules promulgated to implement the law. The advocate did not allege any specific violations of the law. After receiving information from government agencies that they plan to take appropriate action to enforce the law against violators, the court disposed of the petition. The court noted that it is not appropriate to go directly to the court for enforcement of a law if law enforcement agencies are designated.


Ravishankar v. Union of India, W.P. No. 2497/2013, High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore (2013).

  • India
  • Oct 28, 2013
  • High Court of Karnataka at Bangalore


Plaintiff Ravishankar SS


  • General Secretary, The Advertising Standards Council of India
  • Godfrey Phillips India LTD
  • Indian Tobacco Company LTD
  • State of Karnataka, Minister for Law Justice & Human Rights
  • State of Karnataka, Minister of Home Department
  • Union of India, Chairman, Directorate of Advertising
  • Union of India, Minister for Environment and Forest
  • Union of India, Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Union of India, Minister of Health and Family Welfare
  • Union of India, Minister of Information and Broadcasting
  • Union of India, Minister of Women and Child Development
  • Virginia Sulthan Tobacco Company LTD

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