Paul Stieler Enterprises, Inc. v. City of Evansville and Evansville Common Council

A number of bars and fraternal organizations sued the city of Evansville challenging its ordinance prohibiting smoking in bars and restaurants but exempting riverboat casinos. The state Supreme Court overturned an earlier decision and struck down the ordinance. The court said that the ordinance violates the Equal Privileges and Immunities Clause of the state constitution because it gives an advantage to the riverboat casino – an exemption from the smoking ban – that is not provided to similarly situated bars and clubs. Because the court found that the exemption for riverboat casinos could not be separated from the main ordinance it struck down the entire ordinance as unconstitutional.


Paul Stieler Enters., Inc. v. City of Evansville, Nos. 82S01-1306-CT-436 and 82S01-1306-PL-437 (Ind. 2014).

  • United States
  • Feb 11, 2014
  • Indiana Supreme Court



  • 711 Tavern, LLC
  • American Legion Post 265
  • Amvets Post 84
  • Boone Tower, LLC d/b/a Hammerheads
  • Bucks Tavern of Evansville, LLC
  • Bush Investment, Inc. d/b/a Marigold Bar
  • DMS Investments, Inc. d/b/a Dave's Sports Den
  • Donna M. Galloway d/b/a Bedford Tavern
  • Eller Corporation d/b/a Diamond Lanes
  • Exotic She Lounge, Inc.
  • Garry Sidetrack Tavern, LLC
  • Germania Maennechor
  • Gloria's Corrall Club, Inc.
  • Jackie's Tavern, Inc., d/b/a Corner Pocket
  • Jimsam, LLC d/b/a Hobo Jungle
  • JLK Bar Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Ricks 718 Bar
  • L & D Williams Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Bob's Lounge
  • Lanhuck's Enterprises, Inc.
  • Leroy's Tavern, LLC
  • Lyle & Bills Sportszone Pizza and Pub
  • Old Tyme Service, Inc., d/b/a Ye Olde Tyme Tavern
  • Owls Nest # 30
  • Paul Stieler Enterprises, Inc., D/B/A Harbar Bay
  • Peephole Bar & Grill, LLC
  • Playgirl, Inc. d/b/a The Lucky Lady
  • Rick's Sports Bar and Family Room, Inc.
  • River City Eagles 4023
  • Riverbend Association
  • Roca Bar of Evansville, Inc.
  • Scores, Inc.
  • Shorty's Development, LLC d/b/a Shorty's Bar
  • The Council of Clubs
  • Thomas J. Tanoos d/b/a Stockyard Inn
  • VFW Post 1114
  • VFW Post 2953


  • City of Evansville
  • Evansville Common Council

Legislation Cited

Equal Priviliges and Immunities Clause, Indiana Constitution

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