P.J. Carroll & Co. Ltd. v. Minister for Health and Children

Tobacco companies and a tobacco industrial association challenged advertising restrictions under the Ireland's tobacco control law, which they claimed violated the Constitution, European law, and the European Convention on Human Rights. The government argued that presentation of evidence on the health effects of tobacco was necessary to understand the purpose of the regulations. The Court allowed the government to bring evidence regarding the health impacts of tobacco products on minors.


P J Carroll Company & Company Limited, et al. v. Minister for Health and Children, et al., [2004] IEHC 310, High Court (2004).

  • Ireland
  • Jul 29, 2004
  • High Court



  • Conor Fuller
  • Gallaher (Dublin) Limited
  • Gerry Lawlor
  • John Player & Sons Limited
  • Nan Nelle (Ireland)
  • P.J. Carroll & Company Limited
  • Reemtsma Cigarattenfabriken GmbH
  • Societe Nationale d'Exploitation Industrielle des Tabacs et Alumettes (SEITA)


  • The Attorney General
  • The Minister for Health and Children, Ireland
  • The Office of Tobacco Control

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