Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Taieb & Prestige Communication

Defendants’ "Club Cigare" magazine featured numerous depictions of cigars and other tobacco products as well as celebrities endorsing cigars. The Non-Smokers' Rights Association (DNF) filed suit claiming that the magazine violated France's tobacco advertising laws. The lower court found no violations, and DNF appealed. The Court of Appeals - Paris reversed the lower court's decision, imposing financial penalties on the magazine for violating the law.


Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Laurent Taieb, et al., No. 08/03384, Court of Appeals - Paris (2008).

  • France
  • Nov 14, 2008
  • Court of Appeals - Paris


Plaintiff Non-Smokers' Rights Association


  • Laurent Taieb
  • Prestige Communication Sarl

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