Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Quintard

The Non-Smokers' Rights Association (DNF) brought an action against Dijon's Office of Public Education for failing to post no-smoking signs; properly ventilate smoking areas of offices; and properly maintain office smoking areas. An office employee further brought an action for injuries sustained as a result of office smoking. Plaintiffs sought monetary damages as well as an order requiring the Public Education Office to comply with the law. The court held the Office liable and ordered the payment of damages for all causes of action. The court observed however that the office now was in compliance with the law.


Non-Smokers' Rights Association, et al v. Quintard, Case No. 2004/00155, Police Tribunal - Dijon (2004).

  • France
  • Feb 19, 2004
  • Police Tribunal - Dijon



  • Liliane Lasjuilliarias
  • Non-Smokers' Rights Association

Defendant Bernard Quintard

Third Party

  • The Public Minister

Legislation Cited

Evin Law

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