Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Giesbert

The Non-Smokers' Rights Association (DNF) appealed a prior decision holding a magazine and its editor not guilty for publishing photos with the names and logos of cigarettes and other tobacco advertising. The Court of Appeals imposed a fine on the magazine and its editors, holding that (1) whether the cigarettes in the photos were available on the French market was irrelevant for determining the violation; (2) the intent to disseminate information rather than advertise tobacco does not preclude liability; and (3) the magazines’ right to equal protection was not violated.


Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Giesbert, et al., Case No. 06/02797, Court of Appeals - Paris (2006).

  • France
  • Sep 25, 2006
  • Court of Appeals - Paris


Plaintiff Non-Smokers' Rights Association


  • Franz-Olivier Giesbert
  • La Societe D'exploitation de l'Hebdomadaire Le Point- SEBDO
  • Le Point Journal

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