Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Credo

The Non-Smokers' Rights Association (DNF) brought suit against SA Credo and SNC Boutique 22 for advertising cigars online in violation of France's tobacco control law. DNF also sued l'Association Pour une Poignee de Cigares for listing cigar brand names and logos on a website and commenting on the products.  The court granted DNF's withdrawal of the suit against the Association. The court imposed a fine on SA Credo, but did not rule on the SNC Boutique 22 action pending an appeal in another case.


Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Credo, et al., Case No.0627610, Court of First Instance -Dijon (2008).

  • France
  • Jan 15, 2008
  • Court of First Instance - Dijon


Plaintiff Non-Smokers' Rights Association


  • Association Pour Une Poignee de Cigares
  • S.A Credo
  • SNC Boutique 22

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