Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Belaubre

The Non-Smokers’ Rights Association (DNF) brought suit against "Cigare et Sensations" magazine and its director alleging that the magazine published statements that claimed that consumption of tobacco products lends itself to a particularly pleasant way of life. The magazine however maintained that it was a trade publication and had requested to belong to the list of professional magazines allowed to insert tobacco advertising. The Court held the magazine not liable for unlawfully advertising tobacco products.


Non-Smokers' Rights Association v. Belaubre, et al., Case No 0718608050, Court of First Instance - Paris (2008).

  • France
  • May 16, 2008
  • Court of First Instance - Paris


Plaintiff Non-Smokers' Rights Association


  • SARL Subjectif LE
  • Yves Belaubre, publication director

Legislation Cited

Penal Code Section 121-3

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