National Committee for Tobacco Control v. VFG France

The National Committee on Tobacco Control (CNCT) alleged that VFG France engaged in unlawful advertising of tobacco products by advertising and selling a line of "Marlboro Classics” clothing in a store whose neon sign resembled the Marlboro logo. The lower court agreed and ordered defendants to pay a 20,000 Euro fine and 87,000 Euros in damages. VFG appealed, arguing that it should be permitted to sell its clothing line and that the prohibition on such sales violated their right to freedom of expression and other laws. The court of appeals upheld the lower court's order, ruling that the use of a neon sign resembling the Marlboro logo, as well as the liberal use of red, white and black lettering in the clothing line, constituted unlawful advertisement of tobacco products.


National Committee for Tobacco Control v. VFG France, Case No. 07/02394, Court of Appeals - Paris (2008).

  • France
  • Jan 8, 2008
  • Court of Appeals - Paris



  • National Committee for Tobacco Control
  • Public Minister

Defendant Societe VFG France SAS

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