National Committee for Tobacco Control v. Jean-Claude X.

The National Committee for Tobacco Control (CNCT) sued executives of an advertising company, alleging violations of France’s tobacco advertising ban.  CNCT maintained that the advertising company had contracted with the Italian company, Oto Spa, to promote "Camel Trophy" watches and placed information panels about the watches on bus shelters.  The trial court found such actions constituted unlawful tobacco advertising, and the appeals court agreed.  The courts specifically found that Oto Spa manufactures and sells the watches under a licensing agreement with Worldwide Brands Inc., a subsidiary of RJR Reynolds, and that RJR Reynolds, in turn, manufactures, distributes and sells cigarettes. The Court of Cassation concluded that there was a legal and financial link uniting the advertiser, Oto Spa, and the cigarette manufacturer and rejected the advertising company’s appeal.


National Committee for Tobacco Control v. Jean-Claude, et al., No. 98-81962, Court of Cassation (1999).

  • France
  • Jun 29, 1999
  • Court of Cassation


Plaintiff National Committee for Tobacco Control


  • Jean-Claude X.
  • Jean-Pierre X.

Legislation Cited

Articles 3 and 8 of the Act of July 9, 1976

Public Health Code L355-26

International/Regional Instruments Cited

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