National Committee for Tobacco Control v. J.C.

The director of National Society of Tobacco and Matches (SEITA) was cited for violating packaging and labeling laws by printing the mandatory text warning in colors that were not visible and readable and for adding the phrase, “according to the law 91-32,” which suggested that the warnings were simply a bureaucratic requirement and thus altered the warnings’ impact.  The trial court found SEITA liable with respect to most products and imposed fines and damages.  On appeal, the court partially reversed the trial court’s decision, and the National Committee on Tobacco Control (CNCT) appealed.  The Court of Cassation reversed the decision below, maintained the amount of the trial court’s fine, and directed that an appeals court issue a new judgment.


National Committee For Tobacco Control v. J.C., Case No. 98-86820, Court of Cassation (2000).

  • France
  • Feb 15, 2000
  • Court of Cassation


Plaintiff National Committee for Tobacco Control

Defendant J.C.

Legislation Cited

Public Health Codes, former references: L355-31, L355-27-II

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