National Committee for Tobacco Control v. Gerard X.

In an article about celebrities, wealth and the role of American financing in sports, a magazine published (1) three photographs of a famous racecar driver with Marlboro logos on his uniform, helmet, and racecar, and (2) a satirical photo montage depicting Marlboro cigarettes. The magazine was held civilly liable for promoting tobacco products in violation of tobacco control laws via the photographs of the racecar driver but not liable for advertising violations for the photo montage. Both parties appealed to the court of appeals.  The Court of Cassation subsequently ruled on the matter and found both the photographs and the photo montage violated tobacco control laws.


National Committee for Tobacco Control v. Gerard X, et al., Case No. 04-80907, Court of Cassation (2005).

  • France
  • Jan 11, 2005
  • Court of Cassation


Plaintiff National Committee for Tobacco Control


  • Conception Press Society
  • Gerard X.

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