National Committee for Tobacco Control v. Association Club Dunhill Prestige International

During a private event sponsored by Rothmans International of France, Rothmans distributed a press kit containing images of Dunhill brand cigarettes to members of the press and celebrities.  Despite the fact that this was a tobacco industry event, the first instance court fined Rothmans for violating the law, finding that the advertisement had the aim, effect, or likely effect of promoting Dunhill brand cigarettes because the advertisement was disseminated to journalists and other non-members of the tobacco industry.  The court of appeals upheld the trial court decision, but increased the amount of damages from 1 symbolic Franc to 50,000 Francs. The Court of Cassation affirmed the decision of the court of appeals.


National Committee for Tobacco Control v. Association of Club Dunhill Prestige International et al., Case No. 97-84210, Court of Cassation (1998).

  • France
  • Oct 14, 1998
  • Court of Cassation


Plaintiff National Committee for Tobacco Control


  • L'Association Club Dunhill Prestige International
  • La Societe Agence Marianne Plus
  • La Societe Rothmans International of France

Legislation Cited

Code of Penal Procedure Sec. 593

Code of Penal Procedure Sec. 595

Code of Public Health L.355-25

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