Comercial Hotelera Mexicana de Occidente, S.A. v. Mexico

The plaintiff, Comercial Hotelera Mexicana de Occidente, S.A. de C.V., a Mexican hotel chain, filed an appeal for legal protection against Article 10(XV) of the Law for the Operation of Commercial Establishments in the Federal District (Ley para el Funcionamiento de Establecimientos Mercantiles del Distrito Federal), a clause that prohibits the sale of tobacco and all its derivatives in commercial establishments in both the hotel and restaurant industry. The plaintiff argued that this clause violated the right to commerce found in Article 7 of the Mexican Constitution. The Court found that the law did violate the right to commerce because the prohibition only applies to a few commercial establishments.  Because the law did not regulate any other industries, the Court concluded that the law was discriminatory and constituted an unjustifiable and inefficient means of decreasing tobacco consumption.