Mercier, et al. v. Correctional Service of Canada, et al.

The Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada published a new directive banning both indoor and outdoor smoking in federal prisons, with only a religious exception. Prisoners challenged the constitutionality and validity of the directive. The Court held that the directive went too far because the blanket ban is not the least restrictive means to protect non-smokers from second-hand smoke.


Mercier, et al. v. Correctional Service of Canada, et al., 2009 FC 1071, Federal Court (2009).

  • Canada
  • Oct 23, 2009
  • Federal Court



  • Benoit Guimond
  • Claude Ranger
  • Daniel Dusseault
  • Daniel Lévesque
  • Daniel Patry
  • Denis Thibault
  • François Landcop
  • Gaétan St.-Germain
  • Gérald Matticks
  • Jean Deschênes
  • Jean Rauzon
  • Jean-Pierre Duclos
  • Patrick Mercier
  • Patrick Rochefort
  • Pierre Thériault
  • Raymond Landry
  • Régis Labbée
  • Richard Dion
  • Stéphane Fortin
  • Stéphane Linteau


  • Attorney General of Canada
  • Correctional Service of Canada

Legislation Cited

Correctional Service of Canada, Commissioner's Directive No. 259, Exposure to Second-hand Smoke

Non-smokers' Health Act (NSHA) (as amended)

Corrections and Conditional Release Act

Corrections and Conditional Release Regulations, SOR/92-620

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