Litvin v. Bella Shlomkins

Guests of the Bella Shlomkins, a Tel Aviv club and bar, sued the club fornot enforcing the prohibition of indoor smoking under the smoke free law.  The court accepted the class action claim, and ordered an award of 90,000 Shekel ($25,000) to be paid to the Israel Cancer Association for the treatment and prevention of lung cancer, in addition to 60,000 Shekel to be paid to the representative plaintiffs and their attorney.


Litvin v. Bella Shlomkins, CA 4398-09-08, Central District Court (2011)

  • Israel
  • Jan 30, 2011
  • Central District Court



  • Mark Litvin
  • Maxim Tyutyunik
  • Yelena Litvin


  • Bella Shlomkins Ltd.
  • Pnina Fire

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