Litvin v. Bella Shlomkins

Guests of the Bella Shlomkins, a Tel Aviv club and bar, sued the club for not enforcing the prohibition of smoking in public places under the smoke free law.  The court certified the suit as class action, despite owners’ claim that such certification will result in high damages that will force them out of business.  The court said that the alternative is minor compensations that will not deter small and medium-sized business owners from violating the law.


Litvin v. Bella Shlomkins, CA 4398-09-08, Central District Court (2009)

  • Israel
  • Jan 26, 2009
  • Central District Court



  • Mark Litvin
  • Maxim Tyutyunik
  • Yelena Litvin


  • Bella Shlomkins Ltd.
  • Pnina Fire

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