K.H. v. Y.İ.

A business violated Turkey’s law, which prohibits the use of tobacco products in indoor areas such as shopping centers. In addressing whether employees of a business unreasonably obstructed health officials from enforcing the smoking law, the court noted that the business did not qualify for any of the law’s exemptions even though it had a stand-alone ventilation system.  As for the criminal violations, the court found that the business owner was not criminally liable and postponed its decision regarding the other two defendants: an employee and a patron of the business. 


K.H. v. Y.Y, Karsiyaka 4th Criminal Court of First Instance, File-Ruling No. 2008/476 - 2009/434.

  • Turkey
  • Nov 6, 2009
  • Karsiyaka 4th Criminal Court of First Instance


Plaintiff K.H.


  • E.A.
  • T.O.
  • Y.İ.

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