Japan Tobacco International - France, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company - France v. National Committee for Tobacco Control

A lower court found a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) liable for violating France’s advertising ban by advertising "Winston Spirit" clothing. JTI appealed, arguing that such advertising falls within an exception for non-tobacco products and that the French advertising law conflicts with the free trade provisions of the Treaty of Rome and the freedom of expression provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights. The Court upheld the lower court’s decision, finding no exception and no conflict. The Court held that any restrictions were proportionate to the goal of protecting public health.


Japan Tobacco International - France, et al. v. National Committee for Tobacco Control, No. 02-83015, Court of Cassation (2003).

  • France
  • Mar 18, 2003
  • Court of Cassation



  • Japan Tobacco International - France
  • R.J. Reynolds Tobacco - France

Defendant National Committee for Tobacco Control

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