Restaurant and Lounge Vyapari Association, Bhopal v. State of Madhya Pradesh

The Restaurant and Lounge Vyapari Association challenged two orders issued by the Bhopal government that sought to prohibit the operation of hookah bars. The court quashed both orders – one on procedural and one on substantive grounds. The court found one order temporary and no longer effective, observing that the statutory scheme authorizing the order contemplated redress of emergency situations and not relief for permanent or semi-permanent problems. The court found the other order too general because it did not reference violations of India's omnibus tobacco control law, COTPA, or its implementing rules. The court however noted that the government could take action against hookah bars if such establishments operated within 100 yards of educational institutions or if smoking occurred outside of smoking areas or places. The court further noted that the government may pass another order regarding hookah bars if another threatening situation emerged. The court however held that repetitive orders are not permitted.