Her Majesty the Queen v. Mader's Tobacco Store Ltd.

A tobacco retailer was charged with violating the Nova Scotia Tobacco Access Act, which prohibits the display of tobacco products. The retailer argued that the law violated its right to freedom of expression under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The court agreed, finding that the display of tobacco products was an expressive activity and the purpose of the law was to restrict the expression of information. As a result, the law’s ban on the display of tobacco products violated the store’s right to freedom of expression.


R. v. Mader's Tobacco Store Ltd., 2010 NSPC 52 (2010).

  • Canada
  • Aug 18, 2010
  • Provincial Court of Nova Scotia


Plaintiff Her Majesty The Queen


  • Mader's Tobacco Store Limited
  • Robert Geoge N. Gee

Legislation Cited

Tobacco Access Regulations

Candian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, section 2b

Nova Scotia Tobacco Access Act

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