Hemant Goswami v. Godfrey Phillips

A lawsuit alleged that the Godfrey Phillips' “Red and White Bravery Awards” violate the advertising provisions of India's omnibus tobacco control law. The awards are part of a promotional campaign by Godfrey Phillips, a cigarette manufacturer, recognizing courageous people in Indian society. The cigarette company removed the words “Red and White” from the campaign, which addressed the original issue. The court also ordered the government to enforce the letter and spirit of other provisions of the law.


Hemant Goswami v. Godfrey Phillips, W.P. No. 3131 of 2005, High Court of Punjab and Haryana (2005).

  • India
  • May 11, 2005
  • High Court of Punjab and Haryana


Plaintiff Hemam Goswami


  • Godfrey Phillips
  • State of Haryana
  • State of Punjab
  • Union of India

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