Heisei 20 Non-Smoking Taxi National Compensation Case

Plaintiff filed suit against the government alleging that government's failure to enforce non-smoking policies on taxis violated its constitutional duty to protect people's right to health.  Trial Court denied plaintiff's request.  Plaintiff appealed to Tokyo High Court, which found that government does not have a duty to enforce non-smoking measures on taxis, and denied the request.


Tokyo Koto Saibansho [Tokyo High Ct.] Oct. 21, 2009, Heisei 21 (ne) No. 3265, 1, Kakyu Saibansho Hanreishu [Saibanrei Joho] 1, (Japan)

  • Japan
  • Oct 21, 2009
  • Tokyo High Court


Plaintiff Yasui Kouichi (安井幸一)

Defendant Japan (represented by Minister of Jurisdiction and appointed attorneys)

Legislation Cited

Kenko Zosinho [Health Promotion Act], Law No. 103 of 2002

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