Heisei 15 Tobacco Disease Case

Smokers suffering from respiratory diseases sought: (1) recovery of healthcare costs, tort damages and punitive damages from the government, Japan Tobacco (JTI), and JTI's executives; (2) a ban preventing JTI from advertising and sponsoring public activities; (3) a ban on sales of tobacco products; and (4) an order forcing JTI to place more health warnings on the packages and labels of its products. The court found the evidence presented to show causation between JTI's  activities and the plaintiffs' health problems to be insufficient.  The plaintiffs' requests were denied.


Tokyo Chiho Saibansho [Tokyo Dist. Ct.] Oct. 21, 2003, Hei 10 (wa) No. 10379, Kakyu Saibansho Hanreishu [Saibanrei Joho] 1, (Japan).

  • Japan
  • Oct 21, 2003
  • Tokyo District Court



  • Plaintiff A (原告A)
  • Plaintiff B (原告B)
  • Plaintiff C (原告C)
  • Plaintiff D (原告D)
  • Plaintiff E (原告E)
  • Plaintiff F (原告F)


  • Defendant g (被告g) [President of Japan Tobacco, Inc. from Apr. 1985 to Jun. 1988]
  • Defendant h (被告h) [President of Japan Tobacco, Inc. from Jun. 1988 to Jun. 1994]
  • Defendant i (被告i) [President of Japan Tobacco, Inc. from Jun. 1994]
  • Japan (represented by Minister of Finance and Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare)
  • Japan Tobacco, Inc.

Legislation Cited

Tabako Jikyouho [Tobacco Industry Law], Law No. 68 of 1984

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