Godfrey Phillips India Limited vs. Union of India

ITC and Godfrey Phillips India filed petitions in the Karnataka High Court challenging new 85% health warnings (dated April 3, 2018) that prescribed new images along with a quit line number. The tobacco companies asserted that the Government was not free to amend the Rules as the legality of related Rules (establishing 85% pack warnings) currently is pending in the Supreme Court. The Government maintains that the legality of the April 3rd pack warnings also was challenged in the Supreme Court, where the court refused to stay implementation, choosing instead to condense this matter with the review of the related 85% pack warnings. The Karnataka court refused to stay the April 3rd warnings, noting that using these new images would not constitute hardship to the tobacco companies as already 85% pack warnings are placed on packs.


Godfrey Phillips India Limited vs. Union of India, W.P.Nos.25903/2018 and W.P.No.26091/2018, High Court of Karnataka (2018).

  • India
  • Aug 31, 2018
  • High Court of Karnataka at Bengaluru



  • Godfrey Phillips India Limited
  • ITC Limited

Defendant Union of India

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