Eryau v. The Environmental Action Network Ltd. (TEAN)

A smoker seeks to be heard in a separate court case brought by TEAN, a civil society organization, against the Attorney General of Uganda and the National Environmental Management Authority to create and enforce a ban on smoking in public places.  The applicant claims to be a former tobacco industry employee who smokes and was concerned about the respondent's request for enforcement of criminal penalties for smoking in public places.  The court said the criminal aspects of the respondent’s case were dismissed so that could no longer be a ground for the current application.  The court also took judicial notice of the fact that smoking and especially second-hand smoke is dangerous to public health.  The court dismissed the applicant as an “obstructionist” and refused his application to be heard in the respondent’s case seeking a ban on smoking in public places.


Eryau v. The Environmental Action Network Civil Application No. 39 of 2001, High Court at Kampala

  • Uganda
  • Jun 19, 2002
  • High Court of Uganda at Kampala


Plaintiff Joseph Eryau

Defendant The Environmental Action Network

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