Daniyal Arif v. Province of Punjab (WP No. 6110-2011)

Cafe managers in Punjab challenged a government policy under which the petitioners were stopped from serving "Pipe shisha" in their establishments by local police, and had the pipes confiscated.  The actions were challenged on the basis that the shisha use was legal and not in contravention of any law, and that the attempts to stop the shisha use was an attempt to blackmail and harass the shop owners in violation of the petitioners' rights under the Pakistani constitution. 

In response, the Capital City Police Office, Lahore responded that in furtherance of pursuing a drug-free Lahore, the municipality promulgated an ordinance entitled "Prohibition of Smoking in Enclosed Places and Protection of Non-Smokers Health Ordinance 2002."  This law prohibits smoking in public places, prohibits tobacco use by those under 18, and prohibits shisha smoking in cafes. 

The Court dismissed the petition, and local police authorities agreed that further enforcement actions would be strictly limited in accordance with the bounds of the municipal ordinance.


Daniyal Arif v. Province of Punjab, WP No: 6110-2011, Lahore High Court (2011).

  • Pakistan
  • Mar 23, 2011
  • Lahore High Court, Lahore



  • Daniyal Arif, Sheikhoo's Cafe
  • Mohammad Arif Saleem, Manager of Cafe Life


  • Capital City Police Officer, Lahore
  • Provincial Police Officer, Punjab Police
  • Station House Officer, Liberty Market
  • Superintendent of Police Operations, Model Town, Lahore
  • The Province of Punjab

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