Council for Harm Reduced Alternatives v. State of Karnataka

Council for Harm Reduced Alternatives (Council) challenged a June 15, 2016 Government of Karnataka circular that prohibits the manufacture, sale, distribution, trade, import, and advertisement of e-cigarettes.  Public health group, Verve Foundation Trust, intervened.  At an initial hearing, the court refused to stay implementation of the circular.  In a subsequent hearing, the court observed, "it is expressly clear that the petitioner which is . . . claiming to act in public interest is in fact espousing the cause of manufacturing units of ENDS."  The court further stated that the petitioner has abused the court's jurisdiction and wants only to lift Karnataka's ban on e-cigarettes to ensure that manufacturing companies are benefited.  Without ruling on the merits of the ban, the court accordingly dismissed the litigation and imposed costs on the Council in the amount of Rs. 1,00,000/-.


Council for Harm Reduced Alternatives v. State of Karnataka, Writ Petition 36696 of 2017, High Court of Karnataka (2019).

  • India
  • Aug 27, 2019
  • High Court of Karnataka at Bengaluru


Plaintiff Council for Harm Reduced Alternatives

Defendant State of Karnataka

Third Party

  • Verve Foundation Trust

Legislation Cited

Karnataka ENDS Ban

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