Comexpo Paris v. Non-Smokers' Rights Association

A lower court found that Comexpo Paris impermissibly allowed individuals to smoke in a large exposition area, and Comexpro appealed, claiming that it had posted no smoking signs and should not be held responsible for smoking violations in such a large space. The court of appeals upheld the fine, citing evidence that over 85 people had been seen smoking in the exposition area, over 115 cigarette butts had been found on the ground next to a cafe in the area, and hundreds more cigarette butts had been found in a cafe's ashtrays within the structure.


Non Smokers' Rights Association v. Comexpo Paris, Case No. 06/00106, Court of Appeals - Paris (2006).

  • France
  • May 30, 2006
  • Court of Appeals - Paris


Plaintiff Non Smokers' Rights Association


  • Anne-Marie Capdaspe Couchet
  • Comexpo Paris
  • John Shaw

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