Carbonnel v. Non-Smokers' Rights Association

Two elementary school teachers joined the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association and the Public Minister in alleging that a school unlawfully permitted smoking in the teachers' lounge and sought to impose penalties on two teachers who smoked there. The trial court awarded nominal damages to plaintiffs to be paid by the two teachers, and plaintiffs appealed, seeking higher monetary damages. The court of appeals dismissed the action, holding that the lower court's ruling was appropriate. 


Carbonnel, et al. v. Non-Smokers' Rights Association, Case No. 04/01558, Court of Appeals - Paris (2004).

  • France
  • Oct 21, 2004
  • Court of Appeals - Paris



  • Francoise Carbonnel
  • Jeanine Petit


  • Christine Jouanique
  • Non-Smokers' Rights Association
  • Patricia Celio
  • Public Minister

Legislation Cited

Decree of May 29, 1992

Law of January 10, 1991

Public Health Code Section R.355-28-13

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