Baldassare v. British American Tobacco Argentina

The plaintiff brought an action against British American Tobacco (BAT) Argentina, seeking damages for all the health problems allegedly resulting from his use of tobacco products. In particular, he sought compensation for a heart attack he suffered. He claimed that when he began smoking, the advertisements were misleading and did not warn him about the possible health problems caused by the substances in cigarettes. The judge determined that: (i) the case was not time-barred, (ii) tobacco consumption was probably one of the reasons for the heart attack, and (iii) the victim did not assume the risks of smoking because he was not sufficiently well informed, as required by the country's consumer protection law, and because he was not free to direct his actions due to the addiction. The lower court determined that BAT had to pay compensatory damages and also a fine as punitive damages.


Baldassare, Hugo Alberto v. British American Tobacco Argentina, Expte. Nro. 9959/2015, Juzgado Civil 47 (2020).

  • Argentina
  • Dec 28, 2020
  • Juzgado Civil 47


Plaintiff Hugo Alberto Baldassare

Defendant British American Tobacco Argentina Sociedad Anonima Industrial Comercial y Financiera

Legislation Cited

Civil Code

Law No. 23.344

Law No. 24.240

National Constitution

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