Aspinall, et al. v. Philip Morris Companies, Inc., et al.

Smokers sued Philip Morris under Massachusetts' consumer protection statute for fraud, alleging that Philip Morris had labeled its products "light" and "low tar" to lead smokers to believe that such cigarettes were lower in nicotine and tar.  The plaintiffs requested class certification.  At issue on appeal is whether defendants' allegedly deceptive conduct may be challenged in a class action seeking damages.  The Court affirmed the trial court's order of certification of a class consisting of purchasers of Marlboro Lights cigarettes in Massachusetts during the four years preceding the filing of the plaintiffs' original complaint.


Aspinall, et al. v. Philip Morris Companies, Inc., et al., 442 Mass. 381, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachussets (2004).

  • United States
  • Aug 13, 2004
  • Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts



  • Lori Aspinall
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  • Other
  • Philip Morris Companies, Inc.

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