ASA Ruling on Flavour Warehouse Ltd. t/a Elfbar

Several websites promoting one e-cigarette company, Flavour Warehouse Ltd. t/a Elfbar, were challenged by Imperial Tobacco Ltd. and Nicoventures Retail (UK) Ltd. The websites contained numerous statements including “best” vape; “delicious flavors”; “make the switch today”; and “check out the great reviews”. Complainants understood that only factual, not promotional, content was permitted on marketers’ own websites for unlicensed nicotine containing e-cigarettes and their components.

UK regulations clearly prohibit online advertising of e-cigarettes but allow a manufacturer to provide factual product information such as the name, content, and price of the product on its own websites. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) concluded that the statements went further than simple factual claims and constituted descriptive, promotional language. Further, the phrase “sign up today for special bonuses and extra points” was designed to entice new customers and was therefore promotional rather than factual. Thus, the ASA ordered that the ads not appear again in the form complained about.


ASA Ruling on Flavour Warehouse Ltd t/a Elfbar, Internet (website content), Complaint Ref: G23-1196970 (2023).

  • United Kingdom
  • Sep 20, 2023
  • Advertising Standards Authority



  • Imperial Tobacco Ltd.
  • Nicoventures Retail (UK) Ltd.

Defendant Flavour Warehouse Ltd. t/a Elfbar

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Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016

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