ASA Adjudication on Mirage Cigarettes Ltd

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) reviewed a television ad depicting a couple using electronic cigarettes in a sultry and glamorous manner. The couple was shown surrounded by heavy vapor, which appeared to be a result of the product being used off screen. The ASA found that the ad created a strong association with traditional tobacco smoking and that by depicting this behavior in a positive light, indirectly promoted the use of tobacco products in violation of the Advertising Code.  The ASA ordered the company not to broadcast the ads again in their current form.


ASA Ruling on Mirage Cigarettes Ltd, Complaint Ref: A15-292291 (2015).

  • United Kingdom
  • Apr 29, 2015
  • Advertising Standards Authority


Plaintiff Five viewers of the ad

Defendant Mirage Cigarettes Ltd

Legislation Cited

Committee of Advertising Practice Broadcast (BCAP) Code, Rule 33.1 and 33.3 (Electronic cigarettes)

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