ASA Adjudication on Cygnet UK Trading Ltd

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ruled that an ad for e-cigarettes did not violate the country’s Advertising Code because it was not likely to appeal to minors. The TV ad showed young adults dancing at a party. On-screen text stated “Contains nicotine. 18+ only.” The ASA found that, although the ad was directed at young adults, it would not appeal particularly to those under 18 years of age because of the generic nature of the party, music, and dancing. Additionally, the ASA noted that the ad was not shown in or around programs made for or specifically targeted at children. 


ASA Adjudication on Cygnet UK Trading Ltd, Complaint Ref: A14-275161 (2014).

  • United Kingdom
  • Oct 15, 2014
  • Advertising Standards Authority



  • 8 other unidentified complainants
  • A pharmacologist

Defendant Cygnet UK Trading Ltd t/a blu eCigs

Legislation Cited

Committee of Advertising Practice Broadcast (BCAP) Code, Rule 1.2 (Responsible Advertising)

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