Alegre v. Souza Cruz S A

The plaintiff, Dina Ribeiro Mont Alegre, filed a lawsuit against Souza Cruz, a tobacco company, seeking damages for health problems she was suffering allegedly due to tobacco consumption. She claimed that when she began smoking, the advertisements were misleading and did not warn her about the possible health problems caused by the substances in the cigarettes. The Court ruled in favor of the tobacco company, finding that the consumer has the liberty of choosing to smoke and that, at the time the plaintiff had started smoking, tobacco companies were not obligated to warn consumers in their advertisements. Therefore, the Court exempted the defendant of any responsibility.


Dina Ribeiro Mont Alegre v. Souza Cruz S/A, No. 562.01.2000.015511-2, 5a Vara Cível do Fórum de Santos [5th Civil Court of the Forum of Santos] (2010).

  • Brazil
  • Dec 30, 2010
  • 5th Civil Court of the Forum of Santos (5a Vara Cível do Fórum de Santos)


Plaintiff Dina Ribeiro Mont Alegre

Defendant Souza Cruz S A

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