Last updated: May 30, 2023

Enforcement Authorities

Authorized Agency
Duty to Enforce

Ministry of Health

Areas under its management

The Ministry of Health has responsibility to impose fines for violations of the laws and regulations on prevention and control of tobacco harms in the areas and sectors under ministry’s management. Circular No. 11/2023 assigns specific responsibilities to entities within the Ministry of Health, including the Medical Services Administration, the General Department of Preventative Medicine, the Health Environment Management Agency, the Ministry of Health Inspectorate, and the Vietnam Tobacco Control Fund.

Ministry of Public Security

Smoke-free places


The Ministry of Public Security has responsibility for organizing the handling of violations regarding smoking in the areas where it is prohibited.

Chairpersons of the Communal People’s Committee

Public place under their management


The Chairpersons of the Communal People’s Committee have the prime responsibility and the responsibility to coordinate with concerned agencies in managing the handling of administrative violations regarding smoking in a prohibited place. Chairpersons of Communal People’s Committee are responsible for organizing the implementation of fines in public places which are under their management.