Last updated: February 10, 2024

Warnings/Messages Content

Does the content of the warnings/messages address:
Health impacts
Advice on cessation (e.g., the benefits of cessation or steps to take to stop smoking)
Addictive nature of tobacco
Adverse economic and social outcomes
Impact of tobacco use on friends and family
Quitline phone number and/or website
Description of current required warnings/messages:
Unofficial English translation of the health warnings issued in Ministry of Public Health Notification of 2018 (an English translation of the current round of warnings is not available at this time):

Cigarette Health Warnings:
Image 1. Cigarette smoke causes serious harm to children.
Image 2. Smoking causes emphysema.
Image 3. Smoking causes mouth cancer.
Image 4. Quit smoking for your children.
Image 5. Smoking causes blindness.
Image 6. Smoking causes heart attack.
Image 7. Smoking causes esophageal cancer.
Image 8. Smoking causes stroke.
Image 9. Smoking causes lung cancer.
Image 10. Smoking causes laryngeal cancer.

Cigar Health Warnings:
Image 1. Smoking Causes Your Breath to Smell
Image 2. Smoking Causes Lung Cancer
Image 3. Cigar Smoke Leads Your Life to Death
Image 4. Smoking Causes Oral Cancer
Image 5. Smoking Causes Laryngeal Cancer

Statements - on the side panels of cigarette packaging:
Message 1
A. Smoking causes pancreatic cancer
B. Carcinogens in the blood flow through the pancreas and cause cancer

Message 2
A. Every cigarette smoked harms you
B. Cigarette smoke contains 70 types of carcinogens and 250 types of toxins

Message 3
A. Smoking causes bladder cancer
B. Carcinogens in urine causes cancer

Message 4
A. Smoking causes erectile dysfunction
B. Toxins in cigarettes damage the blood vessels to the penis

Message 5
A. Cigarette smoke induces asthma
B. Toxins in cigarettes tighten the windpipe of an asthmatic person

Message 6
A. Smoking causes liver cancer
B. Carcinogens in the blood flow through the liver and cause cancer

Message 7
A. Smoking causes wrinkles
B. Toxins in cigarettes damage tissues under the skin

Message 8
A. Smoking causes paralysis
B. Toxins in cigarettes cause ischemic stroke

Message 9
A. Smoking damages sperms
B. Toxins in cigarettes cause infertility

Message 10
A. Cigarettes kill 1 in 2 smokers
B. Cigarettes cause 12 types of cancer, coronary disease, cerebrovascular disease and emphysema